Just the Tip Program


Take control of your health and lifestyle with the Just the Tip LYFE Upgrade System. For those of you who can’t make it to Lifestyle Medicine, LFSTM can make it to you!

Whats Included:

  • Detailed online personal questionnaire
  • Review of current programs, medications/supplements, regimens, diets, exercise programs and lifestyle habits
  • At home diagnostic testing for hormones, nutrition, toxins, gluten, candida, neurotransmitters and home environment quality
  • Discuss potential program initiations including fitness, diet, medical and/or lifestyle
  • 30min virtual consultation utilizing Skype/Facetime to review of your diagnostic results and suggested program
  • Custom physician grade supplement pack tailored to your unique self Base Formula 
  • Bi Monthly personal check up calls (15min) from Dr. Rusilko and his team for the course of the 2 month program (FaceTime)
  • Access to the members area where weekly blogs and online interaction are conducted

* Most programs range from 6-8 months and price adjustments are made accordingly after the first cycle

This option offers a suggested medical program for attaining your goals along with a custom supplement pack. Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Lifestyle Medicine do not in any way accept medical responsibility for any person entering the program and will not prescribe medications or offer medical advice in doing so. This is strictly a suggested program a patient should seek out from a prescribing physician in their area.

*Medications and Medical Responsibility Not Included


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