Speaking Engagements


For those involved in conference, party or event planning Dr. Rusilko’s ability to speak with a straight forward no bullshit type of mentality has the potential to spice up any scenario. Having spoke on an international level covering subjects ranging form health and lifestyle to sex and orgasm augmentation, Rusilko can help inspire and educate any crowd in any situation.

Whats Included:

  • 3 hours of Engagement including teaching and Q&A
  • A lecture customized to your desires covering any form of subject matter


  • Lifestyle Medicine: How to Upgrade Yourself Today
  • Medical Fitness, Diet and Nutrition: Making Sexy Easy, Fun, and Healthy
  • SexMed – Update Your Sex Life Medically
  • The Seven Ways to Make a Women Smile: Overview of the Physiological Types of Orgasms Women can Experience.
  • T Rex Gotta Hunt: Lifestyle Protocols for Balls Deep Living
  • Treating Everything: Functional and Preventative Medicine for Every Type of Disease
  • The Mind, Body, Charisma Connection
  • Your Upgraded Self: Biohacking at its Finest
  • Write Sexy: Erotic Literature and Creative Writing Techniques
  • Straight Up Q & A: Ask the Doctor Everything About Anything

Each event takes shape according to subject matter, crowd demographic and overall feel of the venue. Power points can be utilized or an improv straight forward approach employed. Social Media Involvement on all platforms is utilized during the event.


  • Continental USA – $7,500
  • Alaska/ Hawaii – +$2,500
  • International – $15,000 & up depending on location, area traveled to, and ease of transportation getting there.

*Not included is airfare and hotel



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