The One and Only Membership


This Total LYFE Upgrade System makes Dr. Rusilko your personal doctor on all things Lifestyle and is open to only one patient/year. This is a complete emersion process where both you and Dr. Rusilko will spend the full year working together on every aspect of your life to purify and perfect it.

Whats Included:

  • All advanced medications, supplements, peptides and programs for a full year
  • 6  in person three hour consultations in your home city (price based on congenital USA)
  • 24 hours access to Dr. Rusilko’s Private phone for consultations, prescriptions and general updating
  • Diagnostic testing for hormones, nutrition, toxins, gluten, candida, neurotransmitters and home environment quality 6 times throughout the year
  • In depth review of medical and lifestyle history with the option to include personal chefs, trainers and doctors in the discussion
  • Bi weekly personal check up calls from the Doctor (FaceTime)
  • (2) Stem cell treatments (in Miami Only)

* Program is for one full year.

* The option to add a spouse/partner/family member is available.


  • Continental USA – $999,999.99
  • Alaska/ Hawaii – +$10,000
  • International – Depends on location, area traveled to, and ease of transportation getting there.

*Not included is airfare and hotel

All things discussed during consult are confidential between doctor and patient.

Each person will fill out an online form prior to consult to help streamline the consultation process.



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